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Storms of My Grandchildren

September 3, 2011 books church climate creation environment future grandchildren hansen storms James Hansen’s, Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity (New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2009), is a book that impinges directly upon the current same sex / ordination debate because it sets it [...]

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The ‘Graphic’ Ministry

October 13, 2009 graphic novel image jesus judas marked steve ross youth A Pathway to Youth Outreach? Review of “Marked” by Steve Ross In an era where people of all ages and backgrounds are finding it increasingly difficult to simply sit down and find a quiet moment, encouraging children and young adults to take the [...]

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Finding Faith

April 11, 2009 book review faith music nick baines st andrew press U2 Stories of Music and Life Nick Baines A few years ago I went along to a series of weekly training events held in a local church looking at how the church could and should reach out to men. In general it was [...]

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The Tip of the Iceberg

November 21, 2006 bible church homosexuality kirk liberal sexuality traditional Is it really just about Homosexuality and Civil Partnerships? Download Adobe pdf Version Introduction: Liberals & Communitarians There is a fascinating debate raging in political philosophy between so-called “liberals” and “communitarians”.[i] An important aspect of it is the question “What makes a self?”  “Communitarians” have [...]

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Living with Integrity in the Church

September 14, 2006 Download Adobe pdf Version As the phrase goes, I hadn’t “come out” to myself when I became a candidate for the ministry and, in time, a minister of the Church of Scotland, but when I did realise I was gay I knew that life couldn’t be the same again. The church, because [...]

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The Personal Repercussions of being Lesbian in the Church of Scotland

September 4, 2006 church church of scotland experience homosexuality kirk lesbian Download Adobe pdf Version This personal story was submitted to OneKirk by a Church of Scotland member. For the sake of her family she would like to remain anonymous. I was born into the Church of Scotland and was baptised before I was 2 [...]

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God Bless Adam and Steve?

September 1, 2006 bible church gay general assembly greenbelt homosexuality interpretation john bell lesbian scripture sexuality Seminar delivered at Greenbelt Festival, August 2006 Rev John L Bell The Iona Community Download Adobe pdf Version Now Adam, will you take Steve’s right hand in yours and will you say after me: In the presence of God [...]

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Human Rights and Christian Faith

August 16, 2006 christianity church culture faith freedom human rights jesus newlands Rev Prof George Newlands, Professor of Divinity at Glasgow University, raises some of the issues surrounding Human Rights and Christian Faith, explored at length in his book “Christ and Human Rights”. What are human rights and do they exist? These questions are the [...]

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What the Church of Scotland has said on Homosexuality

August 11, 2006 church of scotland episcopal homosexuality kirk PCUSA presbyterian reports sexuality A Summary of Key Reports and Incidents Download Adobe pdf Version Introduction The previous Principal Clerk to the Church of Scotland, Very Rev Dr Finlay Macdonald, has a chapter on human sexuality within his book Confidence in a Changing Church that provides [...]

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A Meditation on the Hospitable God

August 4, 2006 Reflecting on God’s inclusive, gracious hospitality Download Adobe pdf Version Rev Prof George Newlands The University of Glasgow In recent writings I have reflected on the generosity of God, the role of Christian faith in facilitating action on the most pressing issues facing the contemporary world, and especially a Christian contribution to [...]

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