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A Biblical Perspective on Civil Partnerships

July 11, 2006 Listening to the Bible and Jesus Those who are opposed to ministers having freedom ever to bless a same-sex union resent, understandably, being branded “homophobic”.  Those who perceive in some homosexual relationships qualities of love, nurture and affirmation that they cannot believe are odious to God resent, understandably, being told they have [...]

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Personal Thoughts and Reflections to Civil Partnerships

July 11, 2006 These views were collected in 2006 at the time of a large debate about whether or not to allow ministers, according to their conscience, to bless the relationship of couples who had entered into a civil partnership without fear of those ministers being disciplined by their presbytery. Views from the Eldership Marjory [...]

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“But it’s not natural!”

July 9, 2006 animals evidence gay homosexuality humans lesbian natural science A survey of the biology and sociology of homosexuality Download Adobe pdf Version 1. Introduction A few weeks ago I was talking with an old friend about the General Assembly debate on civil partnerships and the marking of such relationships by clergy. We have [...]

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A Personal Journey

July 6, 2006 attitudes church church of scotland homosexuality kirk Download Adobe pdf Version This personal story was submitted to OneKirk by a former Church of Scotland parish minister. For the sake of his family he would like to remain anonymous. Acts, chapter 10, tells the story of Peter and Cornelius. It’s a story in [...]

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Confession is Good for the Soul

July 4, 2006 Homophobia: naming the un-namable Download Adobe pdf Version Confession is good for the soul, they say. They also say that if it doesn’t hurt, it isn’t working! Perhaps that is why confessions can be painful – they strengthen you through humbling you. And who likes to be humbled? Yet we are told [...]

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